Sun Damage

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The New Zealand sun is very harsh on our skin, particularly to those with a fair complexion. As a result many of us develop sun damage, which results in multiple pigmented spots called lentigines, enlarged surface blood vessels and fine lines and wrinkles.

We often recommend our Forever Young BBL treatment for patients with sun damage and aging changes. Forever Young BBL is one of the most exciting modalities for reversing some of the changes of aging and sun damage, and can help improve all three of the main changes seen in sundamaged skin. We have found most patients benefit from 2 treatments approximately 6-8 weeks apart. The first is a more intensive treatment with at least 2 passes of the BBL over the treated area. The second treatment is more focused on problem areas. When we perform your treatment, we are constantly assessing your skins response and adjust the BBL settings to give you the best response. We also use our Cryojet skin cooling device, which minimizes any discomfort and also allows higher energy settings to be used.

In addition to BBL, we will often use chemical peels, botox therapy, and filler applications to achieve a balanced and natural result.

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